Exciting Match at Malaga Ladies Open Tournament

On Saturday the 19th May 2018, Jeannie took part in the Malaga ladies open tournament, Jeannie was in a very exciting quarter final match on Saturday. Her opponent was Anaïs Peralta Criado. Anaïs is three years older than Jeannie and ranked 231 in Spain. It was a very close match lasting almost 3 hours, Jeannie (ranked 631) won the first set 6-3 but her opponent fought back and won the second set 1-6. After a close third set Anaïs  won 3-6, but it was a good display from Jeannie who attacked all the way through, only narrowly losing because of a few mistakes. It was an excellent performance from Jeannie and very good experience. the final score 6:3,1:6,3:6,

Here is a solid forehand from Jeannie during the match: