Success at the XXII Circuito de tenis Costa del Sol

This weekend Jeannie Barcia became the champion at the XXII Circuit de Tenis Costa Del Sol 4th tournament which was held at the Riviera Sport Club in Marbella. The tournament was for players aged 14 and under.

Laura and Jeannie with their trophies
Laura and Jennie with their Trophies

Jeannie, seeded number 1, progressed through the opening rounds to reach the final against the number 2 seed Laura MaƱas.

The final was a very hard fought match lasting 2 hours and 15 minutes. Both players have excellent forehands, Laura’s forehand is very hard hitting and Jeannie’s forehand and backhand drive are both very consistent. Jeannie pushed hard from the centre and baseline, there were many passing shots but Laura defended very well. It was a very exiting match right to the finish.

The final score was: 6-1 6-4 to Jeannie.

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