Hi Everyone – Please help to sponsor me

I am Jeannieross Barcia Guquib a young Filipino citizen born in Spain. I have been playing tennis since the age of six and by the age of eight I started playing in competition.

I love tennis and I have been practising constantly, building my ability and ranking. My goal is to become a professional player and represent my country at tennis.

Why do I need your help

Becoming a professional tennis player takes a great deal of effort and resources. To continue to climb in the rankings and progress to a higher-level, I must compete in as many tournaments as I can in order to gain ranking points.

Coached by my father, Orlando, we have to travel all over Spain and compete against players with far more financial resources available. Now that I am 16 years old, I am competing in ladies’ open tournaments throughout Spain. The typical cost of participating in a such a tournament is almost 1000 Euros. To be able to finance my career so that I can enter more tournaments, this donation page has been set up to allow friends and supporters make a contribution and help me on my way.

If you would prefer to make a donation by post, please send to Orlando Barcia Cabrillas, Avenida las Palmeras 3, Puerta 324, 29601, Marbella, Spain.